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What I’ve been doing (1997 – 2003)

Business Development


November 1999 – January 2003

Focused on Business development & vendor research/selection for SMS, Mobile Field Force Automation, Portal, Payment & ASR applications/services in the mobile carrier environment. Structured relationship, usually 3rd party OEM joint venture, and then worked the sales channel for the pull through, structured for client marketing.

  • 11 new engagements (initial value approx $9M) started during the initial launch
  • Provided apps and services to mobile carriers across company lines
  • Direct responsibility for relationships with middleware, content & infrastructure vendors to integrate into these solutions. 6 different vendors brought into the group
  • Sales/marketing/operations knowledge to act as bridge between all groups; what kind of technology, how to get it built, and how to structure the channel specifics for the client
  • Frequent speaker at trade shows & management conferences to develop market exposure
  • Operated as a Mobile Data startup, with VC type funding, internal to Unisys


David Yablonski

Solutions Manger, Unisys Corporation (colleague)

“I have worked with Tom for several years at Unisys. Both of us were directly involved with the emergence of Unisys as a world leader for multi-media messaging solutions for tier one service providers worldwide. Tom is very dedicated and extremely knowledgeable in regard to the telecommunications line of business. And to complement this, Tom’s experience at Unisys also provides an superior knowledge of enterprise computing, including mainframe and server technologies. I highly recommend Tom.” September 10, 2006

Sudhir Kulkarni

COO & SVP Sales, Clickmarks Inc. (business partner)

“Tom’s technical expertise and experience in understanding complex issues faced by large Telcos is amazing. It shows through his vision in creating some of the most complex software solutions. While I worked with him as a vendor, it always felt that we were friends and partners. In my experience he is the best combination of technical savvy and business acumen that I have come across.” June 2, 2006

Bennet Bayer

Vice-President/General Manager, Unisys Corporation (colleague)

“Tom technical and business acumen was a significant reason the Mobile Business Group enjoyed such success. As a core member of our team he served as both technologist and business development. Contributing in a large global team he fostered team work, helped negotiate deals and select the best technical solutions. He became and remains well regarded and friend to everyone of us.” June 2, 2006

Mark A. Tryon

Director – Business Development, Unisys (colleague)

“I worked with Tom for almost 4 years at Unisys building the Mobile Business Group which focussed on bringing wireless applications to the enterprise market as well as automated speech applications. Tom was a seasoned telecom veteran who knew the telecom industry well and was a great asset to our group. I have nothing but good things to say about Tom Posz.” November 21, 2006

Richard Spooner

Senior Consultant & Head of Strategic Initiatives, Mobile Business Group, Unisys (colleague)

“Tom is a rare bird: an accomplished technologist that understands the business value of the technologies he deals in, and one that is able to articulate complex propositions to a non-technical audience. A first-rate product marketer and programme manager!” November 22, 2006


Strategic Marketing and Program Management


February 1997 – November 1999

Focused on wireless markets, performed market analysis and product management in order to re-position the Group with proper product sets and services engagements.

  • Concentrated on product development in value added services (VAS) area; launched an SMSC and Voice Activated Dialing product to complement standard messaging products/services
  • Increased revenue (+5% average) from resultant sales worldwide while keeping engineering resources flat
  • Strategic planning, business case analysis, feature enhancement planning, development prioritization, and resource allocation, all lead to focused product and service deployments
  • Direct participation in pre-sales efforts for individual client activities
  • Developed and delivered product and company presentations, market messages, and white papers
  • Met with strategic clients and used their input into the design and delivery of these products.


Tina Bennett

Director Program Marketing and Development, Unisys / Communications Division (colleague)

“Tom has worked with me and for me for over a decade. He never disappoints; when asked to do something, just consider it done. Tom is creative, open-minded, steadfast, a pleasure to work with, as well as being exceedingly competent. You couldn’t have a better employee.” September 20, 2006

Bill McGruther

President, WGM, Inc (colleague)

“During the years that Tom worked in my organization I found him to be bright, diligent and conscientious. He is a self-starter who requires little or no supervision.” September 8, 2006

Kym Luqman

Account Executive, Unisys Corporation (colleague)

“Tom is an excellent technologist and was instrumental in the acquisition and the success of the voice mail implementation at AT&T (formerly SBC & Pacific Bell). He is skilled at assessing a customer’s need and evaluating and constructing a technical strategy. He is excellent in front of the customer and gains their respect and trust with his level of knowledge about technology and the industry.” September 6, 2006