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What I’ve been doing (2006 – 2019)

From 2006 – 2019


April 2019 – Present

Senior Engineer

Verizon / Network Planning / Private Network

December 2012 – March 2019

As part of Network Planning with a focus on Private Network I am responsible for leading technology development of Wireless Information Services and Infrastructure focused on enterprises using our Wireless Private Network service.

I am a lead resource on designing and implementing Mobile Private Network service initiatives, as well as other applicable Enterprise Product Design and Integration programs. I also am involved with the research of and identification of IMS and EPC Infrastructure improvements needed to support Private Network specific requirements. For example:

  • scalability, stability and modifications to our APN strategy to support enterprise needs.
  • enterprise logical hierarchy, attributes and provisioning in HSS/AAA
  • enterprise-specific policy control (e.g. QoS, enhanced authentication)
  • research, identify and develop IMS/EPC features in support of M2M use on MPN
  • integration of our nPhase business unit with the MPN infrastructure (policy, session, addressing and traffic management plus accounting and reporting)
  • research identify and develop IMS service and application layer integration with enterprise environments
  • Research and develop enhanced services for enterprise-controlled applications, such as location and presence

Senior Engineer

Verizon Wireless / Product Development

October 2006 – December 2012

As part of the Core Network Product Development and Integration group I am responsible for leading technology development of Wireless Information Services and Infrastructure for Wireless Data.

  • Lead the development of specifications, standards, processes and business analysis/decisions.
  • Lead and support market trials and deployment of Wireless Information Services.
  • My major projects included Data Optimization trials and deployment of the Family Protection Content Filtering service in the LTE network.
  • Provide a focal point for Marketing interface with respect to all technical / network development/issues.
  • Lead and manage planning of networks, including the management of end-to-end systems development and testing.
  • Lead and manage development of products, network architecture, systems or RFPs.
  • Lead a cross-functional, cross-regional development team which includes project organization, definition of deliverables, schedule, status reporting, end-to-end testing and successful completion.
  • Establish the basic strategies for technology, product, development, and the vendors that support these strategies.

Noam Weisman

Director sales engineering, Flash Networks (business partner)

“Tom is simply a pleasure to work with. He is a true professional that handles complicated projects in the most efficient and amicable way. Consider your self lucky to be working with Tom, there aren’t many like him in our industry. I learned a lot from him during the time we worked together and am looking forward to another opportunity like that in the future.” August 15, 2009