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Intel: Advancing Multi-Core Technology into the Tera-scale Era

by tgposzadmin on February 25th, 2007

From Intel:

ASCI Red was the first computer to benchmark at a teraflops (1996). That system used nearly 10,000 Pentium® Pro processors running at 200MHz and consumed 500kW of power plus an additional 500kW just to cool the room that housed it. Although not a general purpose computing device, this Teraflops Research Chip delivers 1.0 teraflops of performance and 1.6 terabits aggregate core to core communication bandwidth, while dissipating only 62W.

Wow! – from 1 teraflop requiring a 1,000,000 watts to 1 teraflop requiring 62 watts. Pretty soon, there will be a computer for a $1,000 with AI software that will probably be smarter than most everyone…

It was only 5-6 months ago that quad core were being announced.

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