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Ex-Official at Admits to Backdating Options

by tgposzadmin on February 16th, 2007

I try to write about Technology here in this blog, but I noticed this today and had to speak out. I guess everyone needs to speak out.This behaviour is unacceptable. I’m glad Mr. Myron F. Olesnyckyj is facing some stiff penalties and perhaps some jail time. It’s about time these people were shown the door AND punished.

It’s hard enough to do good things in a company, even harder in the bigger ones. When the executives are cooking the books, it makes the engineer and the rest of people on the front lines want to just give up.

Good companies, they need to set the example. Instead, we have so many examples of bad behavior. I mean, “What were you thinking? That you could get away with it and it wouldn’t hurt anyone?”

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