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Electrical Efficiency Needed

by tgposzadmin on September 26th, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 25 — Google is calling on the computer industry to create a simpler and more efficient power supply standard that it says will save billions of kilowatt-hours of energy annually…

FINALLY, since a full rack of blades from someone like Dell will cost you 20,000 watts of electricity in order to run the darn thing. Not to mention that while no special room a/c is required, i.e. it will operate at normal room temperature, there is also a significant thermal demand upon the total IT space, which may cause further a/c requirements and the power associated with that.

The article points out a couple of industry initiatives, but that fact that the heavyweight is coming in with their opionion, well this should bode well for future improvements, and thus less energy consumption.

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